Liberate your workforce

We build proprietary bots and algorithms that save your company time and money to accelerate your business outcomes.

Make Better Business Decisions

In the process of transforming your employees into a more efficient, effective workforce, we can structure your business’ transformation to include actionable data insights. We wrangle masses of data, help you analyze trends, and architect solutions for you to make statistically-sound predictions and decisions.

Liberate your workforce

The most important asset a company has is its people. Our job is to amplify the amount of work your employees can do by automating the bulk of your tasks. As we extract the “human” from human workflows, your tasks become fully digitized and automated, and your employees’ time is freed up with an effortlessly decreased workload.

Accelerate Your Business Outcomes

Become a leader in your field! Now that you’ve regained human capacity, your workers can focus on more intelligent, skill-driven tasks. Mundane, repetitive tasks are a thing of the past, human error is eliminated, and employee productivity is increased. You’ve got better data and are making better decisions, and your customers are ultimately happier, allowing your business to grow quickly.

You need Velocity if you …

Have over 500 FTE’s

Are drowning in data

Have more than 5 legacy technologies

Rely on employee productivity to meet company margin metrics

Have hiring constraints that constrain your productivity

Have more than 5 software product releases

Spend more than 20% of time on repetitive data entry and maintenance tasks

Don’t worry…we’re here to help

What our customers say…

Our bots have helped us improve our quality of work, decrease turnaround time, reducing risk and ultimately improving our overall customer satisfaction.


Strategic Planning Director

I love seeing my employees collaborating on new ideas and projects. This wouldn’t be possible without the help of our team bots.


Marketing Manager

Before RPA I was stuck in my office performing mundane, but essential, tasks. Now, I can focus on my customers needs and growing my business and still be confident those tasks are getting completed.


Business Owner

Bringing RPA into our business was a collaborative effort. Our team was able to build a solution that would solve actual problems faced by our employees.


Manager, Supply Chain

Our bots provide us an extra hand when needed. It’s like always having someone ready to come off the bench!


Project Manager, Team Lead

We wanted to find a way to meet our internal reporting KPIs without overworking our employees and undervaluing their skills.


Director of HR

Strategy and Operations Consulting

We improve your margins by helping your business to eliminate waste, align operations to corporate goals, define proper success metrics, and improve procedures, all through an RPA lens.

Data Science Services

We collect, aggregate, analyze, transform, and optimize data so your business makes better decisions.


We create bots for every type of business unit that maximize efficiency and free up your workforce to focus on more intelligent tasks.