Velocity advantage

Fortune 100 companies entrust Velocity as their preferred partner in bot creation and automation, and our proprietary algorithms are unique to the industry. We create bots that maximize business outcomes in one area and then replicate these tried-and-tested automations throughout your company.

We’ve got the special sauce

Fortune 100 companies entrust Velocity as their preferred partner in bot creation and automation, and our proprietary algorithms are unique to the industry. We create bots that maximize business outcomes in one area and then replicate these tried-and-tested automations throughout your company.

What are the benefits of working with Velocity RPA?

Velocity RPA allows for scaling without additional headcount;
We don’t outsource our engineering;
Every team member has 10+ years of experience;
We minimize the time and cost to complete business processes;
We eliminate the need to upgrade legacy systems;

Bots don’t take lunch! Bots won’t waste time checking their social media. Bots will never get distracted or tired, and they do not make human mistakes. This means greater productivity for the tasks completed. Your employees can now focus on other, higher-level workloads.

Case Study - Supplier Data Entry
Background & Scope

Velocity conducted a feasibility assessment for a business process where a Fortune 100 Technology company is required to keep thousands of vendor records up-to-date via a regular email survey and continuous data entry.


Velocity's Role

Velocity interviewed business process owners, key managers and systems administrators to document, design, test & develop a fully independent digital worker that completes the tasks, including sending survey details and instructions to vendors and entering vendor information into an ERP platform for subsequent follow-up.

Key Takeaways
  • Improved data collection and entry Turn Around Time (TAT)
  • Improved quality, consistency of ERP data input
  • Reduced 1.5 FTE equivalent hours or roughly $150,000 per annum fully burdened
Case Study – Validation Checks
Background & Scope

Velocity conducted a feasibility assessment for a business process where a Fortune 50 Media company was required to assess risk factors across its customer base by measuring quantitative components that are predictive of unique risk profiles.

Velocity's Role

Velocity worked with key stakeholders to standardize filtering criteria aimed at the determination of key risk factors and overall risk profiles. Upon agreement of updated business process standards, Velocity developed bots that automated these checks.

Key Takeaways
  • Increased the throughput by 3x and accuracy (reduced errors by 30%) of validation checks by updating heristics
  • By automating checks, human analyst were freed up to focus more on edge cases
  • Automated 15 FTE equivalent hours over a 12 week development period
Case Study – Report Generation
Background & Scope

Current protocol for a supply planning team at a Fortune 100 Tech Company tracks the size and status of ongoing sales deals using a major CRM platform. On a weekly basis, senior analyst create a report to give purchasing guidance to regional directors on upcoming large deals.

Velocity's Role

Velocity found that this is a cumbersome, three-stage process that touches their CRM, as well as SharePoint, Excel, Outlook, and ultimately a PowerPoint presentation is created. We were able to automate the initial report creation by using bots to pull the CRM data, and parse it as desired. Then, we were also able to generate a PowerPoint presentation and automatically send it to decision makers.

Key Takeaways
  • Reduced 1 FTE equivalent hours (~$75,000 per annum)
  • More frequent report generation was made possible as the speed at which bots created the report and presentation far surpassed that of the human operator
  • As a result of more frequent report generation, stakeholders were able to utilize the most up to date data in their decision-making process
Case Study – Inventory Management 
Background & Scope

At a Fortune 100 Tech Company’s distribution warehouse, the current process of updating the inventory management system was a three step process; scan barcodes of physical products received, upload the scanned barcodes and associated information to a spreadsheet, input each SKU and receipt information one-by-one from the spreadsheet into inventory management software.

Velocity's Role

Velocity interviewed warehouse managers and workers to accurately document the current process, then designed a single step process that took barcode scans and automatically parsed associated data, before uploading directly to inventory management software.

Key Takeaways
  • Reduced 2 FTE equivalent hours (~$150,000 per annum)
  • Improved accuracy of inventory data input
  • Faster, more accurate reporting, informs upstream decision makers in real time
Case Study – Compliance 
Background & Scope

A Fortune 100 Tech Company is required to validate all purchase order origination information with the Office of Foreign Asset Control database to ensure they are not conducting business with foreign entities banned by the US Treasury Department to transact with US based companies.

Velocity's Role

Velocity worked with consultants, managers, and analyst from the company’s Fulfillment, Logistics, and Trade team automatically run the check on every PO processed for international delivery.

Key Takeaways
  • Freed up 10 hours/week each for 3 key employees who’s expertise was needed elsewhere
  • Ensured accuracy without human run double and triple checks
  • Sped up release of orders, improving ship time

To manage increased workload, most companies hire more people.
Smarter companies automate.

No matter where you are in your automation quest, we’re here to help. We transform convoluted, legacy systems and processes so your team can collaborate more effectively and work on what’s most valuable.

Our clients are mostly large enterprises with large workloads. The vertical doesn’t matter; technology, healthcare, hospitality, consumer goods, departments—we do it all. The larger the enterprise, the more Velocity RPA can positively impact your employees and your customers.

We fix and reconcile your outdated systems so you can operate at full speed. Time creates process matrices that can be automated. Today, your people are manually completing these tasks, missing opportunities to work on what’s truly important to your customers. To handle great workloads and grow strategically, you must employ advances in technology.


Velocity liberates the workforce at banks and other financial institutions, automating data entry and maintenance processes. Our custom data services can also help financial institutions make better, data-driven decisions.


The need to reduce costs and prepare for value-based services, coupled with declining reimbursement rates, has required healthcare leaders to utilize automation to unleash their team’s creativity. With less workload, workers have the freedom to tackle and solve more difficult, pressing problems than repetitive data entry.


The assessment process evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of the existing environment. We identify revenue enhancement as well as expense reduction opportunities within the current processes and workflows. Attention is given to the volume of vendors and/or information technology systems in each process/workflow and its opportunity for improvement.

Drowning in data?
Multiple disparate systems?
Tired of old technologies?

We have solutions for you!
No matter your industry, no matter where you are in your automation process.

Our data scientists and automation experts make your people smarter. We deliver recurring expense reduction and eliminate the need to change backend systems.

Example 1

Imagine receiving an inbound marketing inquiry. Our engineers will automate a bot that will reactively create a new contact in your CRM, text you when you have a new lead with the phone number, and send your new lead an email with available times for an initial call. This type of workflow can be stitched together seamlessly, helping lessen your workload.

Example 2

Dell automation computer chip example. Supply teams need the best price and know when products will be delivered, so you can manufacture the best products on the market.


Example 3

What if you could click a button and a report—that you normally run only once a month because it takes so much time and effort—could be pulled daily? The automation is a workforce multiplier. We consider this capability extremely valuable to your company’s growth potential.

Schedule consultation

We will meet directly with your leadership team for a short consultation period to develop a custom plan using the methods below. Expect the plan we construct with you to be easy for you to implement, straightforward, and convenient.

Our journey begins here ...


An engagement with Velocity starts with a review of one or many of your business processes that you seek to automate. Deliverables of this phase include our Automatability (AI Score™) and Business Impact (BI Score™) assessments.
We offer in-person teams and remote automation assistants for process ingestion and documentation.


We capture your business process workflow through our proven intake methods, including: detailed observations, surveys and interviews, recordings, and IT coordination


Depending on where you are in your RPA deployment, we can assess and re-engineer processes to account for standardization across human touchpoints, exception handling, testing procedures, and manager sign-off plans for launch.


We will implement RPA and data-driven solutions using a variety of different platforms, including proprietary algorithms, Automation Anywhere, UI Path, and more. We use our custom engineering packages to develop your bots so you can extract the full value of your independent workforce.


Before we turn your business process into a fully autonomous digital worker, we conduct a comprehensive User Acceptance Test (UAT) which includes code reviews and automated test suites. Our testing methods either augment existing procedures or help you develop a solid set of protocols for scalable deployments.

Support & Maintain

As soon as we deploy your bots, we then supervise the functionality of the bots to ensure expected outcomes are achieved. We will collaboratively develop governance and change management policies within your company’s infrastructure.



Larger enterprises often create an RPA Center of Excellence (CoE) to drive and promote automation across business units and functions. Through best practices we’ve developed building hundreds of bots, we assist in the creation and enforcement of best practices for documentation, dashboards, continuity plans, deployment, security, governance, and change management. We augment your existing RPA efforts, help discover amazing RPA talent within your organization, and train staff.

Scale Bots

We replicate Velocity RPA bots developed for one area of your company and apply them to all other areas, seamlessly. For you, this means extending recurring expense reduction and workflow productivity.