Velocity FAQ

We improve your margins by helping your business to eliminate waste, align operations to corporate goals, define proper success metrics, and improve procedures, all while refocusing efforts through an RPA lens. Let Velocity help you capitalize on your existing resources and maximize your ROI in every department.

What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation mimics what a user can do on a computer. We build fully autonomous digital workers. If you can do it on your computer using a mouse and keyboard, we can automate it.

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How long does it take to deploy a bot?

All bots are unique in their creation. We estimate twelve to fifteen weeks of project time, which includes; identifying the candidate, capturing requirements, designing, development, testing and deploying the bot. 

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What type of processes can Velocity automate?

Ideal candidates for automation are processes that are:

  • Repetitive
  • Do not rely on human intervention
  • Touches four or fewer systems
  • Input and output is standardized
  • Steps are predictable with logic-based decisions

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How are bots deployed?

Typically bots can be deployed to a dedicated server or virtual machine (VM) that orchestrates scheduled automations. Deployment can occur on the end-user’s computer for bots that are triggered manually. We will work with you and your IT department to determine the best deployment strategy for your team.

How are bots maintained and supported?

As most technology solutions, RPA will become part of your team’s assets, there are two approaches to maintain and support your RPA once in production:

  • Center of Excellence (CoE) Enablement – We help your team implement an internal CoE. We train and support your staff so the right people are properly trained on how to activate and monitor the automations. This means collaborating with your Center of Excellence (CoE) so everything runs smoothly and deliberately.
  • Velocity Maintenance and Support Services – If you need more time to build your internal CoE, we offer various packages to monitor, maintain and keep the momentum in your organization.

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What are some advantages for using RPA?

There are many advantages in using RPA!

  • Let the bots do the boring work so your employees can focus on growing your business and improving customer satisfaction
  • Reduce human errors and create better reporting while producing true data
  • Bridge IT gaps without having to rip and replace systems
  • On-time and faster execution
  • No extra tool integration cost

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What tool(s) does Velocity use for automation?

There are a handful of RPA solutions in the market for all industries. Our engineers are experienced in automation tools like Automation Anywhere and UiPath. We also use Velocity’s proprietary scripting and applications, depending on automation requirements and your company’s infrastructure.

Can robots perform tasks involving human judgment?

Our bots are rules and logic-based. There are many workarounds when human intervention is needed. Contact us to learn more!

What systems/tools can be used with automation?

We have successfully integrated our automation tools with hundreds of systems. Most common examples below:

  • Web and Cloud applications:
    • SFDC
    • 3rd party websites
    • Google Suite
  • Desktop emulators
    • Citrix
  • ERPs
    • Oracle
    • SAP
    • Netsuite
    • Etc.
  • Business Intelligence
    • Tableau
    • Adaptive
    • Hyperion
    • Cognos
  • Desktop and productivity apps
    • Microsoft Office
    • SharePoint
    • Outlook
  • Internal Systems

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Will our existing systems be altered or modified?

We do not alter or disrupt your internal systems. RPA allows us to integrate systems as we collect the necessary information to produce the ultimate output with no obstruction. 

How are process changes controlled and monitored?

Process changes should always come from the designated project owner on your team. It’s common for systems to undergo updates and process changes. Make sure to communicate any known upcoming changes with your Velocity team member so that we can prepare for these changes in real time.

How can I get started?

It’s easy! Contact us and a Velocity team member will reach out to you shortly. Start your digital transformation today! 

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What do I need to consider in my budget for an RPA project?

Every RPA solution is catered to your specific needs, therefore all pricing models are different. Regardless of the solution you choose, here are key components to consider before embarking on an automation project for your organization:

  • Cost of RPA Solution Licensing
  • Cost of infrastructure needed for each bot
  • Cost of automation development
  • Cost of maintenance and support model

Do I need to be technical to bring RPA into my business?

You do not need to be technical to implement RPA into your business although, it is helpful to engage your IT department if you’re considering RPA. There are access dependencies to internal systems and provisioning computing resources that need to be considered.

What are some common ways RPA is being used?

  • Form filling
  • Report creation and distribution
  • Data capturing in multiple systems
  • Bill of materials creation
  • Audit and exception detection

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