Financial Services and Banking

Market Data Collection Automation

The Challenge

Automate the process of collecting sector data pre-Groupon IPO.  A high-profile NYC-based hedge fund approached Velocity Growth for data monitoring, product pricing comparisons across 5 separate websites.

The Solution

Velocity Growth developed an automated data collection, extraction and reporting system.   Alongside its hedge fund clients, the company developed real-time financial estimates for Groupon (GRPN), Travelzoo (TZOO), OpenTable (OPEN) and others to determine real-time quarterly revenue run-rates and spikes in eCommerce activity.

Automated Data Processing


Velocity Growth built automated collection, normalization and reporting systems optimized for financial services and banking professionals.  Real-time insights have hard dollar implications.


Clean and Verify

Velocity Growth built a variety of data scripts and automated regular expression systems to normalize as much data as possible.  

Track Change

We created a an event feed that traders can use to monitor:

  • velocity changes in online sales momentum
  • new product offerings and product stock outs 
  • and other changes to site portfolios

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