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We improve your margins by helping your business to eliminate waste, align operations to corporate goals, define proper success metrics, and improve procedures, all while refocusing efforts through an RPA lens. Let Velocity help you capitalize on your existing resources and maximize your ROI in every department.

Digital Transformation From the Inside Out.


Velocity liberates the workforce at banks and other financial institutions, automating data entry and maintenance processes. Our custom data services can also help financial institutions make better, data-driven decisions.


All companies come to a point in which digital tools must be upgraded, replaced, or integrated. Velocity can help alleviate the stress on both leadership and ground-level employees by assigning the systems transfer workload to bots. Velocity can also redesign business processes during tool upgrades that actually reduce future workload by redistributing work within the new systems to automations.


The workforce of the future must successfully partner operations with IT. Velocity will architect a seamless integration with current IT systems, coordinate optimal client solutions, manage applications, and partner with your IT department to adopt a proprietary governance model after deployment. Your automation endeavors will be groomed for technical success from the outset.


Velocity can help distinguish how the existing business processes currently work versus how they should work by clearly mapping your value stream and information flow. Velocity can also help engineer new business processes to fulfill new initiatives—all with the bulk of the workload designed for automations.


Velocity can help distinguish how the existing business processes currently work versus how they should work by clearly mapping your value stream and information flow. Velocity can also help engineer new business processes to fulfill new initiatives—all with the bulk of the workload designed for automations.


Solutions to problems’ symptoms will only mask bigger problems unless you identify the root cause of the problems. Velocity will help you ask the right questions to identify the right areas for redesign and automation of workload.


Velocity will enhance your HR department’s capabilities to redefine what your talent contributes to the company by enabling your current workforce to refocus their work on intelligent tasks while bots do the “dirty work.” Improve employee retention and experience, make better decisions for promotions, transitions, and transfers, and better analyze employee performances by utilizing Velocity’s data-science-driven intelligent automation.


You have improved your margins, but how can you maintain the growth trajectory through the implementation of new initiatives and business plans? Velocity will ensure your operational and automation wins apply to tomorrow’s forecast as well as today’s yield. We will work with you to define success metrics, implement a framework to track those metrics, and then empower your current employees with the skills, tools, and controls necessary to maintain your growth trajectory.

Automation is just as it sounds: Set it and forget it.

We program your mundane, repetitive business tasks so your human workers can focus on more important needs, that which a robot can’t do as well.

We believe employees should spend their time doing more valuable work, not mindlessly inputting data into reports and spreadsheets. Let the robots do the dirty work.

Sometimes it’s as easy as automating a process that saves you a set number of hours per week.
Other times, we develop an automation that exponentially frees up time.


Robotics Process Automation mimics what a user can do on a computer. We build fully autonomous digital workers. If you can do it on your computer using a mouse, we can automate it, eliminating the hooks between steps. For companies that report and update hundreds, if not thousands, of accounts monthly, imagine pressing a button and having all the tedious inputting done without any work.


We orchestrate and deploy applications and services to link to the cloud platform of your choice, such as Google Cloud or AWS


To successfully function and grow, businesses must create a single pane of glass, one place to monitor all data. We design custom dashboards so all your data is available in one place.


We don’t just create automations. We help your team implement them. We train and support the learning process, and staff your company so the right people are properly trained how to activate and monitor the automations. This means collaborating with your Center of Excellence (COE) so everything runs smoothly and deliberately.


Our goal is to save you time and money. We see zero benefit in automating tasks/programs if they are not adding value to your business. If you could save a million dollars a year and avoid a loss of productivity from unnecessary workload, would you do it? Our consulting services help you streamline your business objectives and eliminate waste using LEAN techniques.


The most successful businesses are those that interact with their customers. We create chatbots so customers can communicate with your staff and have their questions and concerns answered promptly and intelligently.


Voice-enabled automation is quickly becoming the status quo. Speak to a bot and get answers immediately. Customers want it, so we deliver it!


We utilize a proprietary structured communication and outcomes plan to guarantee alignment of your Velocity Experts with your company and customer outcomes.


Moves an organization from inquiry to insights

Everything we do is geared toward helping companies make better predictive business decisions through careful collection, study, and interpretation of data.

We’re your data scientists. We first determine your Automation Index.
Using our proprietary algorithms, we identify recurring expense reduction, enhance workforce productivity, and identify better outcomes for you and your customers.


Effectively implementing a system to monitor big data is essential to optimize business processes. We can automate data aggregation to allow you to effectively keep your mission-critical business data up-to-date. We can automate the ingestion of data from IoT, applications, and users, along with other data your business uses, such as transactional activities, and then show you how to monitor it—all in one place.


We ensure your business is collecting and aggregating the right data to solve the right problems. We will help you design automated systems to gather data that will help you track your competitors and your progress, all with the intention to make the most statistically-informed decisions. We also help design strategic data experiments and identify hypotheses to test with data insights.


After we have helped you automate the collection of the appropriate data, we monitor the information so we can allow you to uncover meaningful trends and data insights. Our data analysts help you make sense of your optimized data by providing a bird’s eye view of your business operations and performance, examining tested hypotheses and statistical inferences, and helping you plan further connections and insights with new business discoveries.


Images are a far more effective tool when you need to fully and quickly capture or communicate a concept. We make graphics, charts, plots, and images out of data. Our data analysts use the premier data visualization software Tableau and other custom solutions to build interactive dashboards from your transformed, automated data sets that help you to quickly communicate quantitative messages, identify patterns, and visualize patterns in data.


Our data scientists use intelligent statistical and data mining methods to make intelligent deductions and compute predictions from your automated statistical samples. Our solutions could include automations in predictive marketing, customer profiling, survival analysis, simulation modeling, cluster analysis, and many others tailored to your specific business domain and initiatives.


Machine learning is a more advanced version of predictive analytics. We build automated data solutions that include deep learning neural networks that intelligently learn from their own output and discoveries. Our AI-enabled automation solutions allow your organization to describe and classify previously-hidden structures and connections in previously-unlabeled data.